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  Percentage Payout
Active Customer Volume 0-$500 $501-$1000 $1001+
Personal Commission 15% 20% 25%
1st Tier Commission 5% 5%  
2nd Tier Commission
NOTE: To be paid on 1st or 2nd tiers the affiliate must have at least 1 active customer in the current commission cycle.

Join on of the highest paying VOIP affiliate programs on the internet, the Vertacom Fonvantage Residual Income Affiliate Program!

Here's how it works: when you sign up with our affiliate program, you'll get a unique five-digit number, known as an Affiliate ID. When a customer places an order with us under your Affiliate ID- whether coming from a web page or a print ad, we let you know, and when that customer activates her new VOIP system, we will pay you up to 25 percent per month for as long as that customer remains an active, paying user of our services.

As an incentive for you to recruit others and help them recruit too, we have created what in the marketing industry is called a Super Affiliate Program. Not only do we payout on sales of those you recruit, but we will also pay you on sales of the affiliates that your affiliate(s) recruit! (This is also known as a tiered commission structure and the payout percentages are described in the table above)

Have your own website or use other online advertising? By placing a link to the Vertacom Website somewhere on your website or by providing your contacts with a special web address, you will be rewarded with residual income for every system that you give away.

When they sign up and get activated, you get paid automatically! Click here to sign up

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Other affiliate programs include DishNetwork.
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